Useful Digital Photography Sites

Short Courses in Digital Photography
Many great free tutorials in all aspects of digital photography.

Table Top Studio
Wonderful tutorials by Suzanne Dougherty, a recognized master of tabletop photography. If you are taking product photos to create catalogs, ads, or eBay listings, you might want to spend some time on this site first.

British Journal of Photography
BJP Online is the web edition of the British Journal of Photography - the world's longest established weekly photo magazine, published since 1854.

Digital Camera Views
The goal of this Web site is to provide you with up-to-date and complete information on digital cameras and support you with practical tutorials on digital photography. Furthermore, we offer you the best possible interface to link, view and search for related information on the Internet. You will notice that all items can be reached within a few mouse clicks and that they can be viewed without scrolling.

Started in October 1998, is an Internet magazine about digital imaging, published monthly. Each new issue features 4 in depth camera reviews and articles, all written so as to provide clear information and yet be easy to understand.

Imaging Resource
Dave Etchell's Imaging Resource site is the place to go when you want to check out camera reviews. Be sure to check out the Imaging Resource COMPAROMETER™ that lets you compare reference images from digital cameras side-by-side.

Steve’s Digicams
Steve Sanders runs one of the most popular sites on the Web. Not only does he have up-to-the-minute news, his discussion forums are among the most heavily visited. This is a must visit for anyone exploring the world of digital photography.

PC Photo Review
When I need help or advice, one of the first places I turn is Alexander Ismail. Alex's site strives to be the single best resource to consumers and prosumers considering or using digital cameras and imaging & photo software.

Digital Photography Review
Phil Askey's site is a beautiful piece of work backed up by some amazing technology. Loaded with reviews and forums, one of it's most unique features is the Digital Camera Comparison Engine side-by-side comparison. This system allows you to list the specs of two or more cameras side by side so you can see how they differ.

Digital Photo Corner
This site run by Digital Camera Magazine's Feature Editor, Arthur Bleich, has in-depth material for beginners as well as a mix of features for more advanced photographers. It has a showcase section where the work of digital professionals is displayed and a forum where visitors can usually get their questions answered within a day.

Better Photo teaches photographers how to make better photos. The site features great tips to improve photographic technique, camera comparisons and book reviews, a useful QnA section, and help with all aspects of digital imaging.

Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights
Lots of digital photography current news.

Digital Photography from Wikipedia

Digital Photography Tutorials Tutorials

Depth of Field and Digital Photography (A Tutorial)

Kodak--Taking Pictures, Digital Cameras, Printing

Say Cheese
Lots of tips and tricks for digital photography

Digital Camera Resources
Lots of links to other digital sites

Sites--especially for kids
Adobe Digital Kids Club

Various Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

Sufing the Net with Kids

Better Photo for Kids and Teens

Teaching Digital Photography: Showing Kids How to See With the Camera's Eye