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  Sunday April 1
Visit Philadelphia

National Constitution Center in Philadelphia
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What is the National Constitution Center?
People think the Constitution protects us, and it does. But, only if we protect it. So, who protects the Constitution? You do. I do. We the People do. That is what the National Constitution Center is all about.





Hall of statues

Independence National Historical Park
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The old cracked Bell still proclaims Liberty and Independence Hall echoes the words, "We the People." Explore Franklin's Philadelphia and learn about the past and America's continuing struggle to fulfill the Founders' Declaration that "all men are created equal."


The President's House Philadelphia
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Our first two presidents lived at The President’s House in Philadelphia, PA. Just a block north of Independence Hall, the house was the Executive Mansion of the United States during Philadelphia’s tenure as America’s capitol from 1790-1800. Prior to this famous period, the house already had a unique and established history. William Penn’s grandson, Richard Penn, used the house as the Governor’s Mansion for the colony of Pennsylvania. The British commandeered it as a general’s headquarters during their occupation of the city from 1777-1778. Benedict Arnold got his treason practice started here, too. The President’s House is also noted as the location for early legislation signings, namely the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 (Washington), and the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 (Adams).

Pres House

Betsy Ross House
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Built more than 250 years ago, the building now known as The Betsy Ross House was home to not just Betsy, but to dozens of artisans and shopkeepers over the years before it was opened to the public as a museum in 1937

Betsy Ross


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